Adhesives, accelerators & debonder.

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Adhesive for strain gauge bonding on wood, GRP and carbon fibre. 20g bottle

Stab1 adhesive
STAB2 For priming and sealing porous surfaces prior to strain gauge bonding. 20g bottle STAB2 adhesive
STAB3 For filling and levelling uneven and pitted surfaces prior to installation of strain gauges. 20g bottle STAB3 adhesive
STAB4 Slow acting strain gauge adhesive. Can be used successfully in cases where oil contamination cannot be removed or the substrate is slightly damp. 20g bottle STAB4 adhesive
STAB5 For use on many specialist plastics. 14g bottle STAB5 adhesive
STAB6 Strain gauge bonding on most metal substrates. 20g bottle STAB6 adhesive
STAB10 Cold cure epoxy adhesive. Store below 5 °C. 2 part pack STAB10 adhesive
ACC1 Accelerator for use with STAB1, STAB4 & STAB6. 15ml brush top bottle ACC1
ACC2 Accelerator for use with STAB2 & STAB3. 59ml bottle ACC2B
Debonder Solvent for use with cyanoacrylate adhesive Debonder


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