Strain gauge services.Load cells

In-house strain gauge installation service.

Calibration. TelemetryFully equipped to offer test and calibration on components and transducers manufactured in-house or supplied by customers. All the test frames are traceable to UKAS standards and fitted with state of the art data logging.Calibration facilities include tension/compression grade 0.5 to 250kN. Compression only grade 0.5 to 2MN and torsion to +/-9.6Nm.

Photolastic testing. photolasticA highly visual technique for measuring surface strains to determine stresses in structures during static or dynamic testing. The technique involves a strain sensitive plastic coating being bonded and the loads applied. The plastic coated area is Illuminated with polarized light from a reflection polariscope which produces a series of banded colours that correspond to the field of stress or strain of the coated area.(Please see credits)

Training. Modular units covering the installation of PU encaps. Units can be adapted to meet specific requirements.

On-site strain gauge installation and test service.

Equipment hire. A range of logging equipment is avaialble for hire.

credits; photolastic-by kind permission of Vishay GMbH