PU encapsulated strain gauges

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PU Encapsulated strain gauges are a quick , easy to install option for field and test applications.

Clear, flexible coating prevents any risk of gauge, grid contamination while still allowing easy installation with original alignment marks.  encapsulated strain gauge

Pre-wiring eliminates potential problems with over- heated solder dots making encapsulated strain gauges ideally suited for plastics, wood  and composite materials.

PU Encapsulated strain gauges are a  cost effective alternative  to traditional strain gauge installations,  reducing   installation  time on -site  and in-house. The standard range of strain gauges is supplied with a 1m lead, 350ohm. As well as our standard range of PU encapsulated strain gauges, Gauge Factors are able to offer a tailor made option available in quarter, half and full bridge formats using almost  any  polyimide backed gauge or rosette.

Cable types and lead lengths may be varied to suit you requirements.

Strain gauge specifications