High Temperature Encapsulated strain gauges

High temperature encapsulated strain gauges are an easy to install option for field and test applications at elevated temperatures. Allowing strain gauge installation to substrates as hot as 250ºC without requiring stress raising spot welds.

Transparent, flexible coating prevents any  risk of gauge grid contamination still allowing easy installation with original alignment marks.High temp strain gauge

Pre-wiring with high temperature soldered or welded lead wires

High Temperature Encapsulated strain gauges are now available with a PG option.

A PG option HT strain gauge has  a thin layer of high temperature strain gauge adhesive applied to the bonding face which is heat treated to β stage. This treatment  makes the installation process quicker and more efficient.To Install a  PG option strain gauge, position  the gauge, apply clamping pressure, and heat to 175ºC for 2 hours.


Strain gauge specifications